Frequent strike action by staff plagues Air Canada

AIRLINE workers know when a strike hurts their employer most. So it was with Air Canada’s pilots that planned a walkout during the coming Spring break when Canadian schools close and many families would be travelling.

Air Canada`s customers must be heaving a sigh of relief to learn that the government has averted the action, referring the dispute to a federal tribunal. Work stoppage is prohibited while the board is reviewing the case. A planned strike by flight attendants during fall last year was similarly averted. It is the third time within a year that the government has stepped in to prevent a work stoppage by the airline.

Air Canada is probably one of the world`s airlines that are prone to strike action by its staff. Happening once too often, the action will definitely affect forward booking as customers switch loyalty and look for alternatives that provide more certainty, even if this comes at a higher cost, greater inconvenience and not as good the service. The likelihood of not being to fly as planned is a nightmare waiting to happen.

Indeed, why should customers who keep the airline flying be made to suffer the consequences of a dispute between its management and the staff?


About David Leo
David Leo has more than 30 years of aviation experience, having served in senior management in one of the world's best airlines and airports. He continues to maintain a keen interest in the business, writes freelance and provides consultancy services in the field.

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