Stick to the book: Vietjet Air fined for parading bikini girls on board

So much about being innovative and different, and injecting fun in air travel. Vietjet Air brought on the dancing girls and was fined $20 million Vietnamese dong (US$960) by the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam.


Photo courtesy of VJA

Apparently this was staged to inaugurate the airline’s service from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang, a town on the coast. The theme aside, an airline representative was reported to have said: “We came up with the idea of getting a number of girls in bikinis to dance and make passengers happy to improve our customer service.” No doubt, the passengers were pleased judging by the cheers they gave.

Consider that Vietjet Air is a low-cost ailrine, that’s something indeed!

Now, unless there was an issue of safety, one wonders why Vietjet was fined, and the reason cited was because the show had not received official approval. Would the airline consider similar performances in future but duly approved?

Apparently fully-clad Vietjet Air flight attendants also dance. Some other airlines are already showcasing their singing crew.

Then again, there will be some travellers who wish they could hang up a “do not disturb” sign overhead.

Air travel by and large operates in an extremely regimented mode. For some people, it is far from being relaxing. Sometimes, all you need is some witty crew to elicit some laughter to make light of the experience. I will always remember how taking off from Houston to Vancouver, the United Airlines pilot said in jest: “Welcome aboard. We’ll be flying to Vancouver, Washington State…Oops, I mean Vancouver, Canada… FAA regulations require that you fasten your seatbelt and not open any windows!” Or, touching down in Zurich, the chief purser on an European airline announced: “Please fasten your seatbelt as we don’t want to lose you on the way down.”

Not amused? Maybe that’s why many airlines prefer to stick to doing things strictly according to the book.


About David Leo
David Leo has more than 30 years of aviation experience, having served in senior management in one of the world's best airlines and airports. He continues to maintain a keen interest in the business, writes freelance and provides consultancy services in the field.

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