Kingfisher unruffled

Courtesy AFP/Getty Images

Courtesy AFP/Getty Images

Kingfisher Airlines rings in an early dismal note for 2013. It has lost its flying permit for failing to meet the deadline for renewal of its suspended licence. India’s civil aviation chief Arun Mishra said: “Kingfisher’s flying permit has lapsed. They failed to provide additional details on the finding of operations.”

Kingfisher’s operations have been suspended since October last year, following five years of losses since it started. Service providers such as Airports Authority of India to whom money is owed are petitioning for suspension of the airline until it has cleared all dues to them.

But the airline has reacted with no “cause for concern”. Apparently, Indian aviation rules allow a grace of two years following expiry for renewal. Kingfisher spokesman Prakash Mirpuri said: “Kingfisher is confident of securing approval from the regulator on the restart plan, licence approval and reinstatement of its operating permit.”

Yet again the beleaguered airline is not admitting defeat and continues to relish hope that its talks with potential foreign investors including Middle East airline Etihad Airways may help lift it off the ground. But industry analysts are beginning to doubt if Etihad would be interested to “buy” a debt load that could be as much US$2.5 billion. (White knight Etihad Airways to Kingfisher Airlines’ rescue, Dec 13, 2013).

Confidence or chutzpah, call it what you will; Kingfisher is not finished with its story yet. (Kingfisher Airlines’ Bollywood drama, Oct 19, 2012)


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