Singapore Airlines raises baggage allowances

Courtesy Singapore Airlines

Courtesy Singapore Airlines

IN a move contrary to what most other airlines are doing, Singapore Airlines (SIA) is increasing free checked-in baggage allowances for all flights. The policy is also applicable to SilkAir flights.

All classes will enjoy an additional 10 kg, which means a total of 50 kg for Suites and First Class, 40 kg for Business Class and 30 kg for Economy Class. That makes SIA one of the most generous airlines in this aspect when the trend has been to trim down the free allowance and charge a fee for additional weight or piece. Excess baggage and the chargeable add-on have been a big money spinner in ancillary services.

“Increasing baggage allowances across all classes of travel is in response to feedback from our customers and reaffirms our commitment to constantly enhancing customer service,” said SIA Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing Chin Yau Seng.

For flights to the United States, SIA and most other Asian airlines are already allowing two pieces compared to the one-piece allowance on American carriers. The only difference is that SIA will increase the allowable weight per piece to 32 kg for premium classes. This is stretching the allowance to the limit as it is an industry regulation that protects handlers from lifting bags weighing more than 32 kgs.

Will the generous allowance improve SIA’s market share? All things being equal, it should give SIA the competitive edge, particularly in Economy Class. For First and Business Class, what’s one more cherry in the martini? Passenger groups such as students, migrants, holidaymakers and small time traders may find the increased allowance a bonus. It may have more appeal in Asia than in the west, where travellers are increasingly adjusting to travelling light. However, transfer passengers may encounter some problems when different standards are applied.

Nonetheless, SIA customers should be happy. It is good to see SIA bucking the trend although it is also clear that the airline is facing tremendous pressure from the competition. It remains to be seen if the increased allowances make a difference.


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