Brilliant idea: Vancouver Airport’s “Cell Phone Waiting Area”

PrintTO cope with increased kerbside passenger pick-up at its terminal buildings and to prevent the pile up of traffic that causes congestion and becomes untidy, the Vancouver Airport has introduced a “cell phone waiting area” where you can park 30 minutes free not far down the road heading towards the terminal buildings.

When your passenger is ready to be picked up, he or she calls you on the cell to signal you to move to the designated pick-up point.

A brilliant idea if you cannot afford to be as generous as some airports like Singapore Changi Airport which gives a grace of 15 minutes free parking at it main terminal car parks. Vancouver Airport which charges C$8 (US$7.46) is one of the most expensive airports for parking at the main terminal parking. Kudos all the same to Vancouver Airport for thinking outside the box!
Courtesy Vancouver Airport Authority


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