Nut rage on Korean Air: Will passengers be compensated for the delay?

Courtesy AFP

Courtesy AFP

THE nut rage on Korean Air when senior executive and daughter of the airline delayed a flight out of New York for Incheon because she was served macademia nuts in a bag and not on a plate has certainly given it worldwide publicity that it can do better without. The chief steward who was ordered off the plane alleged he was forced to kneel before Ms Heather Cho Hyun-ah to ask for forgiveness, that he was called names and that she had also hurled a folder of documents at a junior steward before yelling order to “stop the plane”.

Apart from having to deal with all that public criticism about Ms Cho’s unbecoming conduct, Korean Air has certainly other serious issues to think about too. The South Korean transportation Ministry said it would investigate whether her behaviour had violated aviation safety laws. Causing disturbances on board a flight is not tolerated under the law.

Although both Ms Cho and Korean Air chairman Cho Yang-ho had apologized (the latter additionally for “failing as a father”), it would take a while for public anger to settle. Ms Cho has been called “a national embarrassment” on Facebook and some people have called for a boycott of the airline. Ms Cho has resigned from her post, and barring any other development of an adverse nature, the business will heal in time.

Now, the big question that must arise as the dust settles: Will Korean Air compensate passengers for delay of the flight? Airlines are generally protected by the caveat when a delay is said to be attributable to “an act of God” or circumstances beyond their control. It should be easy enough to exclude this one in question.

By the way, it is reported that the sale of macademia nuts has shot up.


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