Singapore Changi is world’s best airport

Courtesy Changi Airport Group

Courtesy Changi Airport Group

Singapore Changi is named world’s best airport in the 2015 Skytrax survey, three years running and the sixth time that it won. No surprise. The airport has been the darling of travellers with its wide range of facilities that include a swimming pool, a variety of restaurants and tropical gardens. For one thing, it is continuously expanding and upgrading to stay ahead of the pack.

Changi handles more than 50 million passengers annually out of three terminals. Although it is not operating near full capacity (66 million passengers), it is spending S$1.7 billion (US$1.4 billion) on a fourth terminal to be completed by 2018 and there are already plans for a fifth terminal, costing an estimated S$3 billion, which will be bigger than the current three terminals combined. (See Changi Airport raises the bar to be the world’s best airport, Dec 18, 2014)

So, said Skytrax chief executive Edward Plaisted: “Rather than dwell on earlier success, the airport continues to innovate and concentrate on making the customer experience in the airport environment the most enjoyable.”

Asian airports continue to dominate the top honours in the Skytrax list, with Changi, Incheon International (2nd) and Hong Kong International (4th) being consistent favourites. Worthy of note is the improved presence of European airports in the top ten rankings: Munich Airport (3rd), Zurich Airport (6th), London Heathrow (8th), and Amsterdam Schiphol (9th).

Interestingly, Middle-East airports which are homes to Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways are placed further down in the list. Both Abu Dhabi International (29th) and Dubai International did worse than they did a year ago. However, Hamad International – home to Qatar Airways – made impressive strides up the ladder from the 75th to 22nd position. It calls to question the complementary relationship between an airline and its home airport. But one has to be wary about comapring apples with apples. Skytrax places Dubai as one of the world’s ten best airprots for 50 million passengers and more.


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