Fret not, there’s plenty to do on board without your laptop

NO big deal, the airlines affected by the US and UK ban on carriage of electronic devices larger than a normal cellphone in the aircraft cabin are taking the restrictions in their stride. (See US & UK ban laptops on board: Will this become the security standard? Mar 22, 2017)

Some of the carriers from affected destinations in Africa and the Middle East are taking the opportunity to publicize and promote their award-winning in-flight service and in-flight entertainment system that has so many games and movies you will not miss your personal laptop.

Courtesy Royal Jordanian Airlines

And if you’re still short of things to do to fill up your time, Royal Jordanian Airlines is recommending a list of to-do that includes reading a book, saying hello to the person seated next to you and meditating. Indeed, many travellers might have forgotten what it was like to be holding a book (not an e-reader) and flipping the pages. What about colouring books and playing cards, the old pleasure before everything goes electronic? And knitting may make a come back.

Without the distractions, you may be able to catch a good snooze (or something deeper for a longer flight) and arrive in better shape.

It is early days yet, to assess the impact of the ban on the mode of travel. The industry has shown its resilience and creativity, and so too will travellers who, however much they may gripe about the loss of certain privileges, have demonstrated time and again their ability to adapt.


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