“This blog aims to provide an objective and independent assessment of the current aviation scene, supported by several years of industry experience.

My commentary covers both the airline and airport businesses as well as national aviation policies affecting the operators and users. I take particular interest in the state of affairs concerning the air traveller. And since I travel fairly frequently, I will also present views from first-hand experiences.

I do not expect my readers to agree with me entirely and respect the views of those who differ and welcome their comments. By sharing, we will be better informed and the wiser.”

David Leo has worked in senior management in both the airline and airport businesses, holding positions in commercial/marketing, operations and public affairs. He is presently a consultant in the field. A writer by passion, he is a published writer and writes – besides specializing in aviation – on a wide range of subjects that include customer service, social and cultural issues, travel stories and book/film reviews.

Read more from David Leo on his personal blog, and check out his published works here.

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  1. Daniel Tsang says:

    Your articles are good…

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